Breathe Devotional

Breathe Devotional

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Delve into God’s word with this 6 weeks devotional that covers nearly every book of the Bible through the stories of its ladies. Retold and explored by many voices, this devotional unpacks the text with interactive activities based on therapeutic techniques, creativity and online resources.

This devotional is something you’ll come back to again and again, whether you’re a Christian, searching for understanding, young or old, or wanting a resource for a group bible study this is for you.


Don't just take our word for it...

"Authentic, biblical, inspirational and helpfully provocative, this devotional uses crafted words and colourful creativity to turn our heads and hearts towards Jesus and His purposes for us. A brilliant resource, and one not to be missed"

Jeff Lucas, Author, Speaker, Broadcaster. 

"What many do not realise is that it is hard to write a good devotional, it needs to tick so many boxes, be accessible - yet deep, not too long but packed with enough nourishment to keep us going for a number of days...

...It is an invitation to beautiful familiar and unexplored places within ourselves, you will want to make your home in this devotion...

It's relatable, restorative and simply beautiful. Do yourself a favour and jump right in.

Devotional is too tame a word for these wonderful 100 pages of an adventure.

Joanna Williamson, She Lives